The time has finally come to put the Cammed 117" up against the Cammed 107" on the drag strip! Both these bikes have been kitted out with a Feuling 472 Camchest Kit and proper race tune from the team over at Feuling. Last time we made it down to Irwindale, Juan remained victorious all night aboard his Cammed Road Glide Standard but Lance is back with some more bite on his CVO. Will the extra horsepower and frsh tires be enough to beat Juan's lighter bike and faster reaction time? We'll have to see who wins the Battle of the Baggers! 

Also joining the race is the new (Stock) 2024 Harley-Davidson Road Glide we picked up a few weeks ago. We wanted to put this stock 117" M8 up against the upgraded older models to see how it compared right off the floor for those of you looking at getting the new style baggers. It performed surprisingly well but you'll have to watch the video to see the exact results it put up against our modded bikes.